First HBP Curriculum Workshop Series First HBP Curriculum Workshop Series


3-5 July 2017
Medical University Innsbruck, Austria


© F. Oss

The aim of this interactive workshop was to provide practical insights into basic and translational neuroscience research for interested non-specialists. The topics addressed ranged from essential neuroanatomy and neurophysiology, over IPS cells to networks and behaviour. Plasticity and modulation of networks and signal transmission under physiological (like learning and memory) and pathological situations (like addiction, epilepsy or neurodegeneration) formed an essential part.

Lectures and tutorials were accompanied by lab visits, practical work and an open discussion round. Experts in functional neuroanatomy, neurobiochemistry, neuropharmacology and psychiatry from Medical University Innsbruck (Austria), the Allen Institute for Brain Science (USA) and the Human Brain Project (HBP) were available on site.

This workshop was open to the whole student community and early post-docs upon application. Applications from young female investigators were highly encouraged.



© F. Oss

Note: The workshop was a supplement to the online course ‘HBP Curriculum - Neurobiology for non-specialists‘. It was recommended for workshop participants to attend the online course as a basis for the workshop. During the workshop, participants had the possibility of taking an exam about the content of the HBP online course ‘HBP Curriculum - Neurobiology for non-specialists‘.

Application is closed. 

Scientific Chair Scientific Chair

Christoph Schwarzer (Medical University Innsbruck)
Alois Saria (Medical University Innsbruck, HBP)  

Organisers Organisers

HBP Education Programme Office:
Medical University Innsbruck

Lisa-Marie Leichter
Elisabeth Wintersteller