2nd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series 2nd HBP Curriculum Workshop Series

The HBP Curriculum Workshops aim at addressing students outside their area of specialisation e.g. neuroscience for computer scientists. This is complemented by offering teaching in transversal competencies relevant to the HBP‘s goals, such as research, ethics, broader ethical issues raised by scientific research, IPR management at legal and organisational solutions for exploiting project results.

Four workshops took place from 4-6 July 2018 in Berlin, prior to the FENS Forum. The workshops were held in parallel. Applicants could chose between the following topics:














The 'research, ethics and societal impact' workshop was postponed until mid of November and took place in Stockholm, Sweden: 





The workshops address early career researchers who want to gain knowledge outside their area of specialisation or who are interested in learning about ethical challenges or intellectual property rights.


Application is open to the entire student community and early career researchers, regardless of whether they are affiliated with the Human Brain Project or not. Applications from young female investigators are highly encouraged.
A maximum of 30 participants per workshop will be selected by the Scientific Chair and the HBP Education Programme in a competitive selection process based on academic merit. Participants are required to submit a CV and a motivation letter with their application.

Download the application guidelines


Regsitration fee per workshop: €250,00. 
The fee does not include travel and accommodation. Fees will be collected after participants have been selected. Registration fee waivers were available for a limited number of participants per workshop. Participants could apply for fee waivers prior to the application deadline by sending an email to the organisers.

The minimum number of participants per workshop is 10. In case a workshop is cancelled due to a lower number of participants, a reassignment to one of the other workshops taking place at the same time will be offered.


Notice of cancellation has to be sent via email to the HBP Education Programme Office. The policy for refunding registration fees is as follows:

Written cancellation received:
60 days before the event: 80% refund
59-30 days before the event: 50% refund
29-1 days before the event: no refund

No refunds will be granted for unattended events or early termination of attendance, in case of cancellation of speakers, or any other incidents during the event that are beyond the control of the organisers. 



A joint poster session was organised on the evening of 5 July. Participants who wanted to present their research in the poster session, had to submit an abstract with their application.
For the 'Research, ethics and societal impact workshop' there is also a poster session planned on the second evening, to give a possibility to present research. 



Participants have the possibility of taking an exam related to the online content of the courses. Upon successful completion, ECTS credits can be awarded. The credits are awarded by the Medical University of Innsbruck / Austria (MUI) if the following conditions are fulfilled:

• Full attendance of one workshop
• Registration for HBP Online Course on Interdisciplinary Brain Science via e-mail to curriculum.edu@humanbrainproject.eu, stating which online course(s) you would like to attend
• Attendance of the online course(s)
• Successful completion of exam(s)

In total, it is possible to achieve a maximum of 10 ECTS credits for all 5 courses.

The credits for the 5 courses are distributed as follows:
• Brain medicine for non-specialists: 2,5 ECTS
• Neurobiology for non-specialists - Basic: 1 ECTS; Advanced: 1 ECTS –> total: 2 ECTS*
(* It is possible to only take the Basic exam, or both Basics and Advanced, but not only the Advanced exam.)
• ICT for non-specialists: 1,5 ECTS
• Research, ethics and societal impact: 1,5 ECTS
• Intellectual property rights, translation and exploitation of research: 2,5 ECTS

Examination fee: 30€ (per exam).


Currently there is no open Call for Expression of Interest (CEoI). 
Download the HBP General Call Guidelines for workshops for more information.