Second HBP Education Workshop Second HBP Education Workshop

15 -18 March 2015
CHUV, Switzerland

Brain diseases, neurological and psychiatric disorders are becoming a significant burden to society.
Availability of clinical, genomic, proteomic and neuroimaging data combined with recent advances in ICT, data mining and computational modelling makes it possible to extract unique biological signatures of diseases from multi-level descriptions of the brain. Future medicine will build on biological signatures of diseases rather than symptom descriptions for diagnosis, more accurate prognosis, new types of drug discovery pathways, new treatments and personalised medicine. 

The benefits for the students were: Interaction with experts from academia and industry, hands-on learning experience on the latest technologies and knowledge gain from collaboration with fellows from other disciplines.

Organisers Organisers

Centre hospitalier universitaire vaudois (CHUV):                                                                                                  

Richard Frackowiak
Ferath Kherif                                                                     
Bogdan Draganski                                                             
Tea Danelutti


HBP Education Programme Office:
Medical University Innsbruck (MUI)

Alois Saria
Christiane Riedl
Elisabeth Wintersteller