Scientific Programme Scientific Programme

Download the call for the 2nd HBP Education Workshop and the final scientific programme.


Plenary topics:

  • Personalised medicine in neuro-degenerative disease, psychiatry and oncology
  • IT infrastructure for medical research
  • Transforming healthcare wiht IBM Watson
  • Data mining and disease model (part 1)
  • Data mining and disease model (part 2) + discussion
  • Bridging the scales


Hands-on training topics:

The participants were introduced to a large dataset on a large cohort of patients and controls that include different types of data such as imaging (MRI/PET), genetics (SNP), proteins and neuropsychological tests data. The goal was to make progress in understanding brain diseases. The teams were creating an application based on big data analyses for the identification of biological signatures of diseases. 
Participants were learning how to construct and combine tools for: Visualization of high dimensional data, clustering of multi-level clinical data, identification of biomarkers, prediciton of disease onsets and progression.


Lectures and hands-on sessions were led by experts from basic neuroscience, clinical neuroscience, medical informatics, bioinformatics, computer science and healthcare industry.