Travel by plane Travel by plane

The closest airport to Obergurgl is Innsbruck, Austria (INN). Innsbruck can be reached from several major European hubs, and several low-budget airlines fly to the airport. We will provide a free shuttle service on the arrival day (Monday, 3 Aug.) and on the departure day (Sunday, 9 Aug.) to and from the airport. Transfer time is about 1,5 hours. 

Travel by train Travel by train

We recommend that you travel to the Innsbruck main train station. Please check Austrian Railways or German Railways. We will provide a free shuttle service from the Innsbruck main train station on the arrival day and on the departure day. Transfer time is about 1,5 hours. 

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Experience science in an Alpine Research Centre Experience science in an Alpine Research Centre

Obergurgl is located in the Ötztal Alps in Tyrol, Austria. The village has 427 inhabitants and lies 1907 m above sea level.  
Its remote location is very popular not only for tourists but also for scientists.

Obergurgl became famous in 1931, when the Swiss explorer Auguste Piccard was forced to land on the nearby Großer Gurgler Ferner glacier during his historic balloon flight, during which he became the first man to fly into the stratosphere. 

HBP School FAQs HBP School FAQs

 1. What expenses should I expect?

The HBP Education Programme Office will cover the following expenses:

  • Accommodation
  • Breakfast, lunch and dinner
  • Coffee/tea during the scheduled coffee breaks

Participants must cover the following expenses:

  • Beverages during lunch and dinner
  • Travel

2. How can I pay for my additional expenses at the venue?

Additional expenses, such as beverages, must be paid for in cash. There are two ATM machines in walking distance of the meeting venue.

3. What if I need medical care onsite?

We strongly recommend that you invest in a travel insurance and educate yourself about treatment and reimbursement conditions before travelling to Obergurgl. If you are a European citizen, you should bring your European Health Insurance Card. There is a local doctor in Obergurgl who also has a medicine cabinet. He accepts the European Health Insurance Card in combination with an identity card. 


4. What is the typical climate in Obergurgl?

Obergurgl is located 1907m above sea level. In summer weather may be variable with average temperatures between 12 and 24°C. Please note that, in the Alpine region, temperatures can fall below ten degrees Celsius during the night.

If you wish to discover the beautiful alpine landscape in your free time, we recommend that you bring hiking shoes and rain gear. 

5. Is there free Internet available onsite?

WLAN is available at the University Centre Obergurgl in the lecture hall and the restaurant/bar areas and in most of the rooms. Alternatively, in the rooms Internet can be accessed with a LAN cable that can be rented at the front desk. 
In addition, 1 internet PC station is available in the area outside the lecture hall.