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  • Radoslaw Cichy - What can we learn from artificial deep networks about biological brain function?
    Freie Universität Berlin, Germany
  • Isabel Fernaud - Why does ICT need biology?
    Technical University of Madrid, Spain
  • Marc-Oliver Gewaltig - Welcome speech and introduction to the HBP / Introduction to Neurorobotics
    EPFL, Switzerland
  • Thomas Heinis - Querying and exploring big scientific data
    Imperial College London, UK
  • Anthony Randal McIntosh - Building and interacting with The Virtual Brain
    University of Toronto, Canada
  • Gemma Roig - Designing visual artificial intelligence systems by computationally modelling human vision perception
    MIT, USA, SUTD, Singapore 
  • Arleen Salles, Michele Farisco, Karen Rommelfanger - Neuroethics in the big brain initiatives: Necessity or luxury? (discussion panel)
    Uppsala University, Sweden / Emory University, USA
  • Uta Kletzing, Andrea Krönke, Manuela Möller - Career building - 
    parallel break-out sessions
    EAF Berlin, Germany