Hands-on workshop day Hands-on workshop day

The Student Conference was immediately followed by a hands-on workshop day on 8 February. In the morning, participants had the opportunity to attend a workshop to learn about strategies to boost their career. The afternoon was dedicated to a Hackathon and hands-on project work.

Attendees of the Student Conference were invited to also participate in the workshop day free of charge.
Registration was possible through the conference registration system. The number of participants was limited.

Workshop: Strategies to empower your career Workshop: Strategies to empower your career

Half-day Career Planning Workshop at the HBP Student Conference

In this workshop you will…

  • … become familiar with success factors and challenges for scientific and alternative career options.
  • … gain information on expected formal requirements.
  • … understand the importance of networks, informal rules and biases.
  • … learn how to build these networks and deal with the biases.
  • … reflect your own career goals and build a roadmap on how to get there.
  • … learn from sharing experiences with your peers.



  • Practical information based on experience and up-to-date research.
  • Clarification of personal goals, working on your profile and your career plan with support of tools, handout materials and guiding questions
  • Small working groups and discussions, in-depth dialogues with colleagues sharing similar questions or interests, to ensure the best outcomes for you.


Facilitators, Trainers
Karin Grasenick, convelop
Harald Kleinberger-Pierer, convelop

Hands-on Workshop - HBP tools Hands-on Workshop - HBP tools

The workshop aims to gather people from different fields around a table and enabling discussions on scientific questions and collaborations that would have been difficult to set up during the conference itself. The participants of the workshops must choose one or multiple tools, a problematic or a research question from the list detailed below and gather in groups of 3 to 8 people to elaborate some idea in the domain. They are guided and helped during the afternoon by an expert, who has been selected among the keynote speakers and the conference scientific team. The output of the workshop can either be:

  • A prototype. I.e. the description of a scientific experiment, a repository, containing software or appropriate work material, a methodology guideline

  • A collaboration report with the subject and timeline of a possible future project between the participants

  • A set of policy, identifying problems and solutions to some ethical, social or practical aspects of the student and researcher life in the HBP fields

The workshop can be organised freely inside each group but it follows a certain schedule defined hereafter and finishes with a quick presentation of the subject and the conclusions to all participants.