Scientific programme & confirmed speakers Scientific programme & confirmed speakers


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Speakers and topics:


  • Sacha van Albada: Models of interacting brain regions at cellular resolution
    FZ Jülich, Germany


  • Alain Destexhe: Excitation - Inhibition interplay in the modelling of epileptic seizures
    CNRS, France


  • Matthieu Gilson: Biomarkers for whole-brain dynamics estimated from fMRI data: 
    Toward clinical applications
    Pompeu Fabra University, Spain


  • John Huguenard: Modelling specific circuit deficits underlying genetic epilepsies 
    Stanford University, USA


  • Spase Petkoski: Therapeutic approaches for stroke using large-scale brain network models
    Aix-Marseille University, France


  • Alberto Redolfi: Alzheimer's Disease Biomarkers
    University of Geneva, Switzerland


  • Mario Rosanova: Pathological sleep-like activity in cortical perilesional areas
    University of Milan, Italy


  • Ana Solodkin: Therapeutic approaches for stroke and Alzheimer using large-scale brain network models
    University of California, Irivine, USA


  • Andreas Spiegler: Stimulation in large-scale brain network models
    Aix-Marseille University, France


  • Peter Taylor: Structural and functional connectivity-based macroscopic modelling in epilepsy
    Newcastle University, UK


  • Alexandra Young: Data-driven disease progression modelling
    University College London, UK


Participation criteria & application information Participation criteria & application information

Application for the 5th HBP School was open to the whole student community and early post-docs. 30 participants will be selected in a competitive application process based on an academic decision by the Scientific Committee. 

Participants were required to submit an abstract on their current research with their application. 

Applications from young female investigators were highly encouraged.


Application is closed. 


Seven travel grants were available upon request (European students only - residence).

Travel grant requests had to be sent to prior to the application deadline.