FENS Satellite Event 2016 FENS Satellite Event 2016

Cells, Circuits and Computation: Expanding the horizons of big data analysis
1 July 2016, Copenhagen

The FENS Satellite Event ‘Cells, Circuits and Computation: Expanding the horizons of big data analysis' took place on 1 July 2016 at DGI-byen in Copenhagen, Denmark. At this one-day workshop prior to the 10th FENS Forum, participants were guided by tutors from the Allen Brain Institute for Brain Science (USA) and the HBP through new research discoveries and data analysis tools. Each presentation did also incorporate hands-on training and novel and emerging data analysis tools in effectively using the publicly available resources from both projects.

The workshop was jointly organised by the Allen Brain Institute and the Human Brain Project Education Programme Office. Scientists involved in designing the programme were from the Allen Brain Institute for Brain Science, the Human Brain Project and the Blue Brain Project (Jane Roskams, Terri Gilbert, Sean Hill and Alois Saria).

A total number of 49 participants attended the workshop. 

Find out more on the "Single cell modeling tutorial".

Download the programme of the FENS Satellite Event


This section contains video material from the workshop. Please note that we only upload lectures that we have permission to share publicly.