First HBP Education Workshop online teaching material First HBP Education Workshop online teaching material

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23_Panel C: FENS and European Training

1st HBP Education Workshop on New Frontiers in Neuroscience and Methods of Transdisciplinary Education
18-20 June 2014, Tel Aviv University, Israel

Panel C: Academic Programs & Career Development: Undergraduate and Graduate Programs and What Next?
This panel will focus on shaping the next generation of neuroscientists, based on existing interdisciplinary programs and new tailored ones.

Moderators: Alois Saria (HBP Education Programme Director, MUI) and Uri Ashery (Sagol School, TAU)
Panellist: Menno Witter (Chair Education and Training Committee, Federation of European Neuroscience Societies) - FENS and European Training: The Cajal European Training Programme

19 June 2014, Tel Aviv, Israel