First HBP Education Workshop First HBP Education Workshop

New Frontiers in Neuroscience and Methods of Transdisciplinary Education

18 to 20 June 2014

Tel Aviv University, Israel

Understanding how the brain works remains one of the greatest challenges in biology and medicine, encompassing some of the most important goals of contemporary science and lying at the core of neuroscience research. In the last decade, it has become clear that understanding the mechanisms of brain function, dysfunction and advancing the treatment of brain disorders require both a broad interdisciplinary research approach combining experts from various fields such as biology, medicine, psychology, physics, mathematics, linguistics, engineering and computer sciences and execution of the experiments by bright and well-trained neuroscientists. Therefore it is of utmost importance to define innovative approaches for educating the next generation of neuroscientists.

The First Human Brain Project Education Workshop presented new horizons in neuroscience research and education including cellular, cognitive, behavioural and computational neuroscience. The workshop brought together key researchers and directors of neuroscience programmes in Europe and discussed both new frontiers in neuroscience and the best models for educating neuroscience in the 21st century. Special panels conducted discussions on topics such as career development, industry-academy collaboration and ethics. The last morning session was dedicated to the public, including science museums and public awareness.
A poster session was held during the workshop and participating students presented posters of their current research.

Organisers Organisers

Mira Marcus-Kalish (Tel Aviv University)
Uri Ashery (Tel Aviv University, Sagol School of Neuroscience)

HBP Education Programme Office:
Medical University Innsbruck, Austria

Alois Saria 
Christiane Riedl 
Elisabeth Wintersteller