Brain medicine for non-specialists exam Brain medicine for non-specialists exam

Test yourself to see what you have learned during the HBP Curriculum Online Course on brain medicine for non-specialists! 

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The exam consists of 28 multiple choice questions. There can be one or more correct answers/statements for each question.
Question 1: The blood-brain barrier (choose which statements are true):
Question 2: Antipsychotic drugs (choose which statements are true):
Question 3: Which animal models are classically used to study drug addiction?
Question 4: Genome-wide association studies:
Question 5: Which of the following medications is used to treat depression?
Question 6: If you want to detect an ischemic stroke minutes after it happens you should use:
Question 7: Which statements are true regarding neurodegenerative diseases?
Question 8: Diffusion-weighted imaging (choose the true statements):
Question 9: Comparing drugs A and B, choose the true statements:
Question 10: With vascular MRI we can:
Question 11: With quantitative structural imaging we can generate synthetic maps of:
Question 12: The decussation of sensory ascendant or motor descendent pathways in the spinal cord happens:
Question 13: In the spinal cord (choose the true statements):
Question 14: An antagonist can be
Question 15: Which statements are true regarding the immune response in the brain?
Question 16: Drug development can be divided into different phases:
Question 17: Which of the following diagnostic criteria are used to diagnose drug abuse?
Question 18: A patient with prosopagnosia won't be able to:
Question 19: Patients with schizophrenia will show:
Question 20: The Neurocan (NCAN) gene (choose the true statements):
Question 21: A monozygotic twin of a patient suffering from schizophrenia:
Question 22: Which brain areas are involved in drug addiction?
Question 23: In Parkinson's disease primary motor symptoms are caused by:
Question 24: Bioavailability of a drug in the body is influenced by:
Question 25: Parkinson's early markers are:
Question 26: The risk of developing Parkinson's and the disease progression are:
Question 27: The comorbidity between depression and somatic diseases (choose the true statements):
Question 28: Drugs can target:


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