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The HBP Education Programme Office is offering teaching material produced at workshops and schools organised by it's office. Further it contains lectures provided by scientists who were recorded at other occasions. 

Please note that we only upload lectures and student talks that we have permission to share publicly.

1st HBP Education Workshop on New Frontiers in Neuroscience and Methods of Transdisciplinary Education, 18-20 June 2014, Tel Aviv University, Israel
Access the online teaching material of the 1st HBP Education Workshop.

1st HBP School, 8-14 September 2014, Alpbach, Austria
Check out the online teaching material of the 1st HBP School.

2nd HBP Education Workshop - Future Medicine: Medial Intelligence for Brain Diseases, 15-18 March 2015, CHUV, Lausanne, Switzerland
Find out more about the 2nd HBP Education Workshop by accessing the online teaching material.

2nd HBP School - Future Computing, 3-9 August 2015, Obergurgl, Austria
Watch the online lectures as well as the online teaching material of the 2nd HBP School.

3rd HBP Education Workshop - Future Computing, 11-15 January 2016, Manchester, UK
Access the online teaching material of the 3rd HBP Education Workshop.

Young Researchers Event Budapest, 12 April 2016, Budapest, Hungary 
Find out more about the Young Researchers Event by accessing the online teaching material

FENS Satellite event: Cells, Circuits and Computation: Expanding the horizons of big data analysis, 1 July 2016, Copenhagen, Denmark
Check out the online teaching material of the FENS Satellite event. 


3rd HBP School - Future Neuroscience, 28 November - 4 December 2016, Obergurgl, Austria
Access the online teaching material of the 3rd HBP School.

Access additional lectures on Future Medicine, Future Computing and Future Neuroscience.