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  • Master students already carrying out research
  • PhD students
  • Researchers who received their doctoral degree within the past three years


Liaise with your target audience. The Human Brain Project Education Programme Office sponsorship opportunities position you and your organisation as industry leader and provides you the possibility to connect with leading scientists and young investigators.


HBP Curriculum Workshops HBP Curriculum Workshops

Would you like to acquire the basics of neuroscience/neurobiology, medicine or ICT? Apply for our non-specialist workshops. Interested in developing a business model? Check out our online course on IPR and the respective workshop. What is responsible research and which ethical challenges does research have to face? Educate yourself in our online course and learn more in our ethics workshop.

Do not forget to check out our HBP Curriculum Workshop Guidelines

Past Events Past Events


For discussion, requests and remarks about the HBP visit the HBP Community Forum.


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HBP Schools HBP Schools

Are you an advanced young researcher? Take a look at our school programmes and apply for a week of specialist training.

Check out the student application Guidelines for HBP Schools

HBP Student Conference HBP Student Conference

A programme by young researchers for young researchers? Take the opportunity to present your research at the HBP Student Conference in front of your fellows by being part of the programme. Prefer listening to your colleagues? You are of course welcome to register as participant as well.

The site of the 2nd HBP Student Conference,
from 14-16 February 2018 will be available soon!