HBP Student Representative HBP Student Representative

The HBP Student Representative speaks for the Student Community in the HBP Education Programme Committee which is defining the strategy
and the work plan of the HBP Education Programme. All HBP Subprojects are represented in the HBP Education Programme Committee. 

Election, results and tasks of the HBP Student Representative Election, results and tasks of the HBP Student Representative

All members of the HBP Student Community had the possibility to apply for this position between 25 June and 15 July 2015.
The HBP Student Community was asked to elect its representative in the period of 22-29 July 2015.

The counting of the votes showed the following result:


Student Representative

Nikola Simidjievski (JSI)


Deputy Representative

Andrea Santuy (UPM)


The Student Representative and its deputy will hold office for 2.5 years, until the end of March 2018.

The 2nd Student Representative election will take place between 19 and 26 September 2017.

The main tasks of the Student Representative:

  • Act as a voice of the growing Student community at Education Programme Comittee Meetings
  • Help shaping the strategy of the Education Programme for the operational phase of the HBP
  • Act as linking point between the HBP Student Community, the Education Programme Office HBP senior scientists and the HBP Consortium


You can contact the HBP Student Representative at studentrep@humanbrainproject.eu