HBP Student Representative HBP Student Representative

The HBP Student Representatives speak for the Student Community in the HBP Education Programme Committee, which defines the strategy and the work plan of the HBP Education Programme. All HBP Subprojects are represented in the HBP Education Programme Committee. 

Election, results and tasks of the HBP Student Representative Election, results and tasks of the HBP Student Representative

The HBP Student Representatives for the period of 1 April 2018 to 31 March 2020 are:

Sandra Diaz Pier (JUELICH)
Gabriel Urbain (UGent)


The 2nd Student Representative election took place between 19 and 26 September 2017. Sandra Diaz Pier and Gabriel Urbain were elected by the HBP student community and have assumed office in April 2018.


The main tasks of the Student Representatives:

  • Act as a voice of the growing student community at HBP Education Programme Committee Meetings
  • Help shaping the strategy of the Education Programme for the operational phase of the HBP
  • Act as linking point between the HBP student community, the Education Programme Office, HBP senior scientists and the HBP Consortium
  • Co-organise the HBP Student Conference
  • Organise networking events and student gatherings at HBP and HBP Education events


You can contact the HBP Student Representatives at studentrep@humanbrainproject.eu

Profiles Profiles

Name: Gabriel Urbain
Social Media/Get in Touch: http://gurbain.be/
Role: Student Representative
Subproject & Location: SP10, Ghent, Belgium
Research/Thesis Title: Automated Learning of Spiking Central Pattern Generators for Locomotion on Compliant Quadruped Robots
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
After I benefited myself from the teaching and social interactions during many events organized by HBP Education, I felt the need to invest more plainly and share the spirit of these initiatives around me. This is why I applied and worked as a Student Representative with Sandra Diaz since February 2018. Concretely, it consists in coordinating together the different actions of the Students Ambassadors, discussing their ideas and being an interface with some other HBP structures. I am especially interested in the communication and promotion of the Education events. I also invest most of my representation time in the organization of the HBP Student Conference (e.g. providing a place, gathering a scientific committee, helping with the selection of speakers and participants, ...).



Name: Sandra Díaz Pier
Social Media/Get in Touch: s.diaz@fz-juelich.de
Role: Student Representative
Subproject & Location: SP7, Jülich Germany
Research/Thesis Title: Structural plasticity
Role and Activities amongst the Student Ambassadors:
I am one of the student representatives in the Education Programm for SGA2. My role, among other things, is to be the voice of the HBP student community in the Education Programm committee.
I have been involved in the organization of the last two Young Researchers Events and now I am part of the committee organizing the 3rd HBP Student Conference.
My focus in the activities with the Student Ambassadors is to work on boosting the involvement of students in collaborative HBP activities and making information about the project more accessible to them. I also want to increase the awareness within the student community about all the interesting and unique possibilities that the HBP offers for further development of research and social skills.
Together with Andrew Morgan I am also working on setting up a course to help students acquire new skills regarding grant proposal writing, which are essential for a successful career in academia and research.
I am proud of being part of the HBP and being able to represent the students in the education program. I welcome any suggestions, comments and questions and will try to address them in the best way possible.