Welcome to the HPAC Platform Training Welcome to the HPAC Platform Training


The Guidebook of the Human Brain Project‘s High Performance Analytics & Computing (HPAC) Platform serves as a collection of all user documentation for the software tools, libraries, frameworks and programming models available as part of the HPAC Platform.

The goal of the HPAC Platform is to build, integrate and operate the hardware and software components of the supercomputing, data and visualisation infrastructure required to:

  • Run large-scale, data intensive, interactive multi-scale brain simulations up to the size of a full human brain.
  • Manage the large amounts of data used and produced by the simulations, and
  • Manage complex workflows comprising concurrent simulation, data analysis and visualisation workloads.


In case of questions or to provide feedback, please contact the HBP HPAC Platform Management Team at Forschungszentrum Jülich (HBP-HPC-platform@fz-juelich.de) or use the following contact form.

Please note that the organisation and registration is not handled by the Education Programme Office.