Department of Computer Science

Middlesex University, UK


Lab visit description:

At Middlesex, we develop simulated and emulated neural agents. We are happy to support you in developing your own agents.


Scientific methods offered to the student:

  • We develop neural agents.
  • We develop neural topologies as brain models
  • We link these to virtual environments and robots
  • We develop these environment and robots with and without the Neurorobotics Platform
  • We emulate these agents in SpiNNaker, simulate them in Nest, and work via the web platform and the internet to use BrainScaleS



Duration of lab visit Up to 1 month
Costs covered by lab Middlesex will provide researchers research material, access to HBP resources, and office space.
Costs to be covered by participants Travel costs, accommodation
Required language skills English







Application details:

Application deadline: none

Please include the following information in your application:

  • CV
  • Letter of motivation


Application to be sent via email to:

Chris Huyck