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Institute for Neuroscience and Medicine:

Brain and Behaviour (INM-7)

FZ Jülich, Germany


Lab visit description:

The goal of the INM-7 is to obtain a more detailed characterisation of the organisation of the human brain and its inter-individual variability in order to better understand its changes in advanced age as well as neurological and psychiatric disorders. Based on this knowledge, new approaches for diagnosis and outcome prediction at the level of individual patients are developed. We pursue this objective by combining multi-modal MR imaging, detailed neuropsychological characterisation and innovative methods of data analysis and simulation. An important focus of the institute is to provide the developed tools and results to the scientific public in the form of software and data sets enabling the broad use of our research.

Further information: http://www.fz-juelich.de/inm/inm-7/DE/Home/home_node.html


Scientific methods offered to the student (minimum stay 2 months):

  • Neuroimaging analytics and brain-behaviour relationships
  • Meta-analytics and data-base driven modelling of brain activation patterns
  • Clinical neuroimaging and individual prediction of clinical states
  • Simulation and modelling of brain dynamics


Duration of lab visit 2 weeks – 4 months (depends on topic)
Costs covered by lab Lab material, computational resources
Costs to be covered by participants Travel costs, accommodation
Required language skills English; German beneficial but not mandatory







Application details:

Application deadline: none

Please include the following information in your application:

  • Name, degree
  • Description of current research topic and motivation for the lab visit
  • Name of the current supervisor
  • Short statement by supervisor why lab visit is beneficial for the applicant
  • CV
  • Copy of highest university degree
  • Copy of passport


Application to be sent via email to:

Prof Dr Simon Eickhoff