Neurobiology for non-specialists Neurobiology for non-specialists

The fi eld of neuroscience is one of the most interdisciplinary scientific fields. It is constantly expanded and developed further and unites researchers from a vast variety of backgrounds such as chemistry, biology, physics, medicine or psychology. By examining the principles that infl uence the development and function of the human nervous system, it advances the understanding of the fundamental mechanisms of human behaviour, emotions, and thoughts, and what happens if they fail. This course addresses the basic principles relevant for the performance and evolution of the nervous system and provides an overview for PhD students from a different area of specialisation. It further includes advanced lectures on more specific questions and challenges of the field.








ECTS credits: 2 ECTS (after attendance of the online course, one full workshop and successfully passing the exam)

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Lectures Lectures

Part 1: Basics


Lecture 1: Intercellular signal transduction
Christoph Schwarzer (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 2: Intracellular signal transduction
Christoph Schwarzer (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 3: Glial cells
Christine Bandtlow (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 4: Myelination in the CNS and PNS
Christine Bandtlow (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 5: Neuronal networks
Christoph Schwarzer (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 6: Basic neuroanatomy
Lars Klimaschewski (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 7: Nociceptors and perception of pain
Serena Quarta (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria



Part 2: Advanced


Lecture 1: Neuroinflammation and demyelination
Markus Reindl (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 2: Neurodegenerative diseases - En route to early detection and prevention
Nir Giladi (Tel Aviv University), Israel


Lecture 3: Learning and memory: Basic concepts and medical implications
Nicolas Singewald (University of Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 4: Learning and memory: Underlying mechanisms and networks
Francesco Ferraguti (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria


Lecture 5: Motivation and addiction: Neuronetworks and treatment targets
Gerald Zernig (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria 


Lecture 6: Computational neuroscience: Bridging brain scales with mathematics
Gaute Einevoll (Norwegian University of Life Sciences), Norway


Lecture 7: The human brain atlas as a part of the HBP, Neuroinformatics Platform
Timo Dickscheid, (FZ Juelich), Germany


Lecture 8: Principles of neuropharmacology
Sandra Santos-Sierra (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria

Scientific Course Chairs: 
Alois Saria (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria
Christoph Schwarzer (Medical University Innsbruck), Austria




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