The HBP Neuromorphic Computing Platform The HBP Neuromorphic Computing Platform

The Neuromorphic Computing Platform developed in the Human Brain Project (HBP) provides remote access to two complementary, large-scale neuromorphic computing systems (NCS) built in custom hardware at locations in Heidelberg (the BrainScaleS system) and Manchester (the SpiNNaker system).

The NCS are programmable, brain-inspired computing devices which enable high-speed, low-energy simulations of spiking neural networks with synaptic plasticity.


The BrainScaleS system is based on physical (analogue or mixed-signal) emulations of neuron, synapse and plasticity models with digital connectivity, running up to ten thousand times faster than real time.

The SpiNNaker system is based on numerical models running in real time on custom digital multicore chips using the ARM architecture. Models and simulation experiments are described in a Python script using the PyNN API.


Access to the system will be based on peer-reviewed proposals, as is commonly done for traditional HPC resources. Development accounts will also be available.

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