Research, ethics and societal impact Research, ethics and societal impact

This course will explore ethical and social issues that have arisen, and continue to arise, from the rapid research development in neuroscience, medicine and ICT. Lectures will focus on key ethical issues contained in HBP –  such as ethics of robotics, dual use, ICT ethical issues, big data and individual privacy, and the use of animals in research. The learning activity will consist of assigned readings, classroom discussion and videotaped lectures.




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Lectures Lectures

Lecture 1: Neuroethics: The Ethics of Neuroscience and the Neuroscience of Ethics
Christine Mitchell (Harvard Medical School), USA


Lecture 2: Computer Ethics and the HBP
Bernd Stahl (De Montfort University), UK


Lecture 3: The Ethical Roboticist
Alan Winfield (University of the West of England), UK


Lecture 4: Responsible Research and the Human Brain Project
Nikolas Rose (King‘s College London), UK


Lecture 5: Scaling up Neuroscience - Responsible Research and the Big Brain Projects
Nikolas Rose (King‘s College London), UK


Lecture 6: Neuroscience and the problem of dual use
Malcolm Dando (University of Bradford), UK

Scientific Course Chair: 
Abdul H. Mohammed (Karolinska Institute/Linnaeus University), Sweden





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