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Campus of the University of Vienna


The Campus of the University of Vienna is a very special place for several reasons: On the one hand there is its history as the former General Hospital, and on the other hand there are its special architecture and its unique location.

As a part of the University of Vienna the Campus unites more than 15 departments of the Faculty of Historical and Cultural Studies and the Faculty of Philological and Cultural Studies. It is not only a place of work for students and researchers, but also a place for the exchange of knowledge as well as a place of art and culture, of business and entertainment. Furthermore, it is a special venue for congresses, an important meeting point for students and researchers from all over the world and you will also find many Viennese visiting the local shops and restaurants or the various events taking place there.







Vienna is the capital and largest city of Austria with a population of about 1.8 million. It is situated in the north-east of Austria and lies on the banks of the Danube river. Vienna is Austria's cultural, economic and political centre.

Austria's federal capital is very special because of the city's exciting combination of the royal-imperial flair of the past with the latest trends, the responsible cultivation of a precious heritage and charming traditions. But there is much more to Vienna's beauty than old buildings: There are excellent museums, art collections, numerous theatres and operas. It is also famous for its coffeehouses and the Viennese cuisine.

So there are many reasons why Vienna has been voted the most liveable city in the world for the seventh time in a row according to the annual international study of the consulting firm Mercer (www.mercer.com).

For more information, visit: https://www.wien.info/en